Dd Video Countdown for National Dance Day: 13 of 20/20

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S is for Saturday and Sato! Under One’s producer Kyla Ernst-Alper says of this film, featuring Jane Sato, a dancer with RIOULT:

“I love that Jane’s pants reflect the lines to the architecture around her, and I see linear qualities in her movements that also reflect the surrounding landscape. Jane knew exactly where she wanted to film her video, which is not always the case with the Under One videos. This is actually the second video we made at this location; the first video was done in a different part of the pier and I’ve been waiting to release it. Jane is an inspiringly versatile dancer, and the two takes that we did back to back against different backdrops are completely different!”

Under One: Jane. Pier 15, New York, NY from Kygwen on Vimeo.

What is your favorite dance video or short film? Send us your nomination for the Day 20 dance video in celebration of National Dance Day–tweet us @diydancer, email us hello@diydancer.com or comment below with a link.

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