From left:  Stephanie Wolf, Nicole Cerutti and Candice Thompson.

Nicole Cerutti, Candice Thompson, and Stephanie Wolf are dancers who were originally brought together by LOLAstretch Dancewear. They found a commonality in the diverse interests that set them apart outside of the dance world, and quickly became friends as well as colleagues. Each desired to explore other art forms and creative pursuits without feeling like they were ‘cheating’ on the often all-consuming art form of dance. They founded {DIYdancer} in September 2010.

Our Mission:

{DIYdancer} brings together dancers, artists, collaborators, and friends to empower the arts community from the inside out. Through an online forum and critical response, the site aims to build awareness, facilitate conversation, and inspire curiosity. {Dd} strives to broaden the context of dance in order to understand its cross-relevance to the outside world—pushing the boundaries and blurring the lines.


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