Cooking with Polenta

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Last night was my first attempt at cooking with polenta. . .

What is polenta? Polenta is made from cornmeal, which doesn’t sound that appetizing at first, but is actually delicious.

I decided to start with a simple preparation, and made my first polenta purchase at Trader Joes.

A packaged container of Trader Joe's Organic Polenta

I started off by pan-frying diced onions in Spanish olive oil with sea salt and grated pepper. Once the onions were slightly browned, I added a few thick slices of polenta.

Slices of polenta and diced onions pan-fried in Spanish olive oil

It didn’t take long for the polenta to brown on the edges. I laid the slices atop a bed of other pan-fried veggies: peppers, zucchini, and potatoes. Lastly, I topped the whole dish with some capers and lemon juice. It was completely experimental; I did not follow a recipe. Yet, I think it turned out rather well.

The finished product; pan-fried polenta topped with onions, capers, and lemon juice.

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