Dd Apartment Therapy Project, Part 1

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Living in a small, one bedroom apartment (though large by NYC’s standards) presents an almost constant problem for anyone who makes anything. Keeping organized and streamlined, so that my place doesn’t make me feel like I am living in an episode of Hoarders, means vigilance. There are machines, materials, supplies, files and just open space needed to be able to work. Did I mention my design studio is tiny too? Because of all of this, I am now beginning an enormous project of year end cleaning. Everything I own will be evaluated, cataloged, given a place and/or thrown out by 2011!

Project #1 Magazines/Source Material:

I have been storing my favorite Martha Stewart and cooking/craft magazines of the last decade on a book shelf in my entryway. And while I do frequently use them, they were taking up an entire shelf!   After much time and effort tearing through them, I now have two small binders, labeled Sweet and Salty, of recipes I know are worth keeping. Plus there is now shelf space for yarn for my new knitting machine.

As for fashion magazines, I have been ripping out the useful and inspiring photos as I go, but they were still stacking up all over the place and making my studio messy. They now live in a swipe file, organized in hanging folders for their particular contribution to either my design or illustration process, for easy location when needed.

This is just the start………

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  • stephanie

    I once had a dream of, like Julie Powell in “Julie and Julia,” cooking my way through one of Martha’s cook books. I didn’t get very far, but she is a mastermind in her field. Hmm, I am contemplating attempting this task again.

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