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No, I am not referring to John Mayer’s album. I’m talking about a project based company called CONTINUUM Contemporary/Ballet – fresh choreography on the NYC dance scene. This past weekend we performed at the Kat Wildish Festival.

Pre Show Preparations; Backstage at the Kat Wildish Festival

Beethoven – the hypnotic sounds of “Moonlight Sonata” in sync with a thunder storm. It’s a dramatic piece.

The cast of Donna Salgado's "Storms"

Sometimes I float this career wondering if there is a deeper meaning to it.  After our run in Saturday night’s performance, I caught a glimpse of one of the stagehands. He had been trying to mimic our movement and it seemed like he was now wiping tears from his eyes – now that’s art! WORD!

A little teaser

Like it?

CONTINUUM Contemporary/Ballet

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