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I am currently knee-deep in writing my final research paper. This will mark the end of my first semester of LEAP. As the topic of my paper is slightly personal, I won’t get into the depths of its content. However, it definitely has my mind spinning lately. To skim the surface, my topic involves anxiety experienced by dancers in the audition process. I dove into my research from all angles: clinical/chemical actions of the brain, physicality of symptoms, and techniques used to cope with this anxiety. I’ve unearthed some interesting information. As I poured through medical and science journals, I found myself going a bit cross-eyed over all of the technical jargon. But, what I found surprising was the lack of dance related articles; I found absolutely nothing. There was a large variety of data pertaining to musicians and actors, but nothing for dancers. Curious.

Am I a nerd for loving this process? The endless hours of writing and researching; staring intently at my computer screen. Why can’t ‘student’ be a profession?

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