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As of 10:30am this morning, I officially completed my first semester of LEAP. With some difficulty, because I feel like I am never done editing, I handed in my 10-page final research paper. Actually, I thought I had finished the paper yesterday morning. Then, yesterday afternoon, I visited the American Museum of Natural History. One of the museum’s current special exhibits is on the human brain – “Brain: The Inside Story.” For those of you who are not aware, my research paper topic covered anxiety experienced by dancers during the audition process. As my friend Erin and I walked into the first open area of the exhibit, we came across a video demonstration of the brain at work. In this video, the example being used was a dancer about to audition for Julliard. WHAT! I had to stop, sit down, and take notes. This was the first dance-related piece of research I came across. Of course, this meant I had to go home and begin reworking my entire paper. At last, after much last minute tweaking, I completed my final draft this morning and handed it in. Thus, marking the end of LEAP semester numero uno. I can’t wait to dive into Dance History and Kinesiology in the spring. Bachelor of Arts . . . here I come!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a way to fill any given afternoon, I recommend the brain exhibit at AMNH.

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