Fro Yo in the ATL

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Yes, I just said Fro Yo. I spent my Thursday evening ‘touring’ downtown Decatur with a childhood friend. How was I born and raised in this Southern Metropolis without ever stepping foot in this charming area of the city?

The square was filled with local stores of art, crafts, fashion, and gourmet goodies. I even found some inspiration for my own arts and crafts.

On display in Squash Blossom; I want to make some of this tissue paper globes for my bedroom.

After a bit of boutique shopping, this self-proclaimed foodie discovered a small piece of heaven in the form of grilled flatbread and frozen yogurt.

The first dining stop was Leon’s Full Service; a hip Atlanta eatery. Meghan and I indulged in grilled flatbread topped with olives, sundried tomato pesto, and cooked onions, mountain trout gyro, and pub frites with various dipping sauces.

The Yogurt Tap

Yet, the real treat was my self-made yogurt masterpiece at The Yogurt Tap .  Sigh. As far as frozen yogurt is concerned, this was the real deal. I had a variety of flavors to chose from – original, black cherry, dark chocolate, peppermint, gingerbread, and eggnog.

My appetite is always a surprise to those I dine with. I made a hodge podge of gingerbread, eggnog, and, tride and true, original. My heaping portion of yogurt was then topped off with crushed graham crackers. I’m in love!

Meghan documented our evening adventures. A former dancer herself, she’s now an actress – highly inspired by art, literature, and pop culture. We are childhood friends. It was a blast catching up on life and talking about what gets our creative juices flowing. She’s a blogger as well. Check out her thoughts on life and art. MESSY MEGHAN

Cats and Coffee; a perfect combo

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