Regretsy. ‘Nuf Said.

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Rather than trying to explain this site, I am just encouraging you to check it out if you have some extra time for amusement’s sake (who doesn’t?)

(Caution: video contains some language profanity)!

Here are some highlites from the FAQ section of the blog:

What is Regretsy?

Regretsy is the fail blog of hand crafts.

Almost everything posted here is collected from the web site, Etsy, though I sometimes feature crafting failures from other sites.

I also will sometimes post things that are just incredibly odd and wonderful. So while not everything here is awful, it is always WTF.

What is the purpose of this site?

1. To make you laugh
2. To raise money for charity (profits from this web site are donated to charitable causes)
3. To help sell the weird crap we feature

Don’t you think it’s wrong to laugh at someone’s hard work?


Aren’t you just jealous?


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