A Wish List

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With my twenty-#^(&@% birthday approaching next month, (haha) my parents asked me what I wanted. I regressed back to my ten-year-old self, and began to make a wish list; I noticed a few parallels between my wish list and some of my new year resolutions. Apparently, I have expensive taste.

Yes, in green!

Oh, I have dreamed about owning one of these beauties for a very long time!

I could whip up some seriously delicious hummus, salsa, smoothies, guacamole, and a plethora of tantalizing delights!

Anyone noticing a pattern here?

I don’t want a cake that looks like this. I want to learn to decorate and construct cakes like Duff on the Ace of Cakes.

Thanks to my fashion forward friend Meghan, I am now addicted to essie nail polish. I’m really digging the color I borrowed from her Chinchilly. But, when I peaked at the website, I saw a vast ocean of interesting colors: mint candy apple, tart deco, bahama mama, cool-lots, innocent, and imported champagne.

To my fellow Aquarians out there, what’s on your wish list?

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  • April

    Let’s master cake decorating!! Let’s blow Duff out of the water.

    And you know, I have a shameless amount of nail polish. Essie is so you!

  • candice

    I am the aquarian turning the big 3-0 here soon! So no expletives out of you;-) My wish list is likewise expensive and contains many art books because I already have a kitchenaid and a great food processer. But do invest in the kitchenaid–it is so worth it, I use it all of the time!

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