A Soapbox in Haiti

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A year ago today, a terrible earthquake struck Haiti.  The anniversary might have potentially past me by, since I didn’t look at any news source this morning, except for a message sent to me by a friend.  His name is Scott Kirschenbaum, we grew up in Phoenix together, and he was sending along a message about his speaker series, A Soapbox in Haiti. It is a unique project because its mission is to examine “the recovery process as experienced by the people of Haiti from a singular perspective – their own.”

The series is being broadcast on four channels in Haiti today in addition to a live Speakers’ Corner being held in the capital city.  Scott explains, “Rather than being overtly political (like a town hall meeting), our Speakers’ Corner requests that each speaker give her or his vision for the future of Haiti.”

I am moved by the honesty and optimism of this project and hope the larger series will be broadcast beyond Port-au-Prince soon.  Thanks Scott!

“No matter what you hear or read about in the news today, please do not pity Haiti. Rejoice in the fact that such an incredibly alive place exists.”

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