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Life is always full of transition. Sometimes, I feel as if I am in constant limbo; back and forth of how everything should unfold. For any dancer who has been plagued with a sudden abundance of injuries, it’s easy to start to question, “is it time to move on.” This has been my internal struggle for the past six months. I love dance and everything it has given me. However, some rituals of the ‘daily grind’ are growing old and tiresome. I have started to explore other areas of interest in my life. Agreeing to go back to school through the LEAP program was my first large step towards shaping a new path. And the program has been nothing less than rewarding. It inspired me to start writing again – first through requirement and then by way of leisure. With the launch of Dd and collaboration with my fellow cohorts Nicole and Candice, my zeal for writing grew tenfold. Then the most amazing thing happened. I got a freelance writing gig!

Done and Done LLC, is a new Denver based company, which exists to aid small businesses with an online presence. The company presents itself as a “Copywriting, Social Media, and eMarketing” firm.

The company was seeking out new freelance writers to bring onboard, and contribute pieces pertaining mostly to non-profit organizations. Through word of mouth, Melissa Brown, the owner of Done and Done, was directed to DIYdancer. After viewing the site, she contacted me about submitting a piece as a ‘sample.’ I wrote 400 words on a non-profit foundation and handed it in earlier this week. She was thrilled with the article and, now, I am officially making a profit for my writing. Ha, who knew my thoughts would actually attribute to my income some day?

I’m continuing to dance as I add freelance writer extraordinaire to my resume, and deciding that I don’t have to choose between the two . . . at least, not yet. So, for all of you dancers/artists/fashion fanatics/writers/actors/entrepreneurs who are questioning which direction to follow, I say, do it all and love every second of it. After all, that’s what Dd is all about!

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