Meet Our Newest Dd Contributor; Meghan Wilson

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Meghan Wilson is joining the Dd team. See how she answered our fun and silly survey questions. She’ll be keeping the DIYdancer crowd up to date on fashion, theater, and pop-culture.

1.  ART:  Performance or visual?

That’s a tough choice – but being a theater/actor person, I’m going to have to go with performance. When live performance is done well, there’s nothing more inspiring or magical to me. Personally, I find straight plays and musicals the most inspiring. Over the summer, I saw a show at Second Stage Uptown called Bachelorette that absolutely blew me away. I somehow saw it three times during its limited run, even though it was constantly sold out. It was written by a woman named Leslye Headland, and I’ve just never seen a more honest or funny portrayal of dealing with life as young pseudo adults. The playwright actually lives in LA and works with a theater out there.  I’ve made it my mission in life to somehow be involved in one of her shows once I move to LA.
What place does art have in your life?
I would literally not be able to function without art. I constantly feel the need to create and work on projects. If I’m not creating then I definitely feel a void in my day to day life. I used to fight this feeling, actually, because I felt like it was wrong or maybe weird. But, now I’ve realized that the need to create is a large part of who I am as a person, and creating is what makes me happy.  Right now, I’ve been on a big decorating kick, and I am always up for making gigantic collages.
2.  CRAFTKnit or Crochet or Other? I’ve never tried crochet but I did teach myself how to knit. Except, I never got past making scarves
What is your craftiest project to date? Hm. Tough one. I have a completely collaged trash can I made in high school that I’m still pretty proud of. Last summer, I took a pair of my old jean shorts, and gave them a make over by squirting bleach all over them with a spray bottle,and then distressing them with a box cutter.
What designer or architect inspires you the most? Two people whose aesthetic I love are Robert and Courtny Novogratz. They own a company called Sixx Design, based out of Manhattan. Their style is very eclectic, very downtown. They are masters at mixing modern design with eccentric, random flea market finds. They have made an absolute fortune buying condemned, horrible buildings in downtown Manhattan and turning them into residential masterpieces.
4.  FOOD:  Salty or sweet? Hm. Both. Anything that can be purchased at Trader Joe’s.
Do you know how to make your favorite dish? I am definitely not a huge cook – I am all about eating organic and as healthy as possible, but I’m a gigantic fan of the frozen and prepared foods in Trader Joe’s. My favorite meal is Trader Joe’s Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, with Trader Joe’s Turkey Meatballs, and Trader Joe’s Potato Crinkles. All can be prepared in a microwave and/or toaster oven in about ten minutes. And I love toast. Alot.
Baking wise, I love to take traditional recipes and translate them into healthier options. Like, anytime something calls for butter or oil, I add applesauce instead. Recently, my mom and I just made these white chocolate cranberry walnut cookies that are to die for, and we added applesauce instead of butter. They were SO yummy, and much more moist that way. I’m a huge fan of the Hungry Girl cookbook – they have this recipe for these amazing Caramel Pumpkin Pudding Cupcakes. They’re SO good. I love love love pumpkin.
5.  THOUGHT:  Fiction or Nonfiction? Both again. I love reading novels, but probably my favorite things to read are autobiographies and memoirs. I find real people’s lives, told in their own voice, fascinating. Two of my favorites that I have read thus far are The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and Lessons in Becoming Myself by Ellen Burstyn.
What form does the bulk of your own reading and/or writing take? I have never attempted fiction writing, although it’s something I’ve always been interested in. At the moment, my writing pretty much consists of musings and commentary on fashion and decorating in my blog. I love reviewing theater and television shows, which I often had to do in college.
6.  FUN:  Where in the world do you want to go or be stranded? The places I’d love to travel to actually aren’t too terribly exotic. I’d love to go to Prague, London, and Vancouver. If I could be stranded anywhere, I think I would pick either Paris or somewhere in Southern California. I’m not exactly the outdoor-sy type, so nowhere that would involve camping or backpacks.

What five things would be in your bag?

1. iPhone

2.Clarins Lip Gloss


4.Giant Bottled Water

5.A big comfy blanket sweater

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