The Power of Social Media

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Once upon a time, I fought the temptation of social networking. I scoffed incredulously at the notion of having a facebook page. What an awful waste of time! Yet, after an evening of a Twitter induced Grey’s Anatomy and a viewing of Social Network, I can’t help but ponder the power of social media.Certainly, long ago, I gave up the self-righteous battle of anti-social media beliefs, and now have a facebook page, plus help manage the ins and outs of Dd.

I am about to embark on a journey into the realm of marketing and social media-ing, a cultural phenomenon that has turned several nouns, such as ‘friend,’ into verbs. After all of my big talk against facebook, I think my social media knowledge helped land an internship at Lincoln Center (starting in a week with the Marketing Department).

As I watched the cast of Grey’s Anatomy Tweet the details of a major surgery, it made me realize how truly remarkable these cyber tools are. Yes, I know Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show full of written dialogue and messy love triangles, but the reality is, during this particular 10 minutes scene, the show displayed how these social media tools are connecting people across the globe. It can be a learning tool, a network for potential inexpensive marketing, and, who knows, maybe it can actually save an individual’s life as he or she lays unconscious on a surgery table. It’s an incredible thought to mull over.

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