A hostess with the mostess: Meet Tammi Shamblin

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When Tammi is not dancing and teaching, she is busy in the kitchen making some of the tastiest sweet treats I have ever enjoyed.  Whether you are in her home or out at a bar together, she is ever the hostess, spreading joy and bringing comfort to her friends and colleagues.  She is truly a modern day Audrey Hepburn and I am so excited to introduce her to all of you!

1.  ART:  Performance or visual?  What place does art have in your life?
Performance and Visual. I have been a dancer since I was eight and I continue to dance around in my kitchen, and teach ballet daily. Although I am a total klutz, I love to dance. I also love photography. I will often wander around my East Village neighborhood taking snapshots of my favorite things. I walk to work every day, and I love catching a glimpse of something new or that I hadn’t noticed before. I often find myself going back to get a shot of something  that I walked past quickly, thinking I didn’t have time to get out my camera and take a picture–then I remember that there’s always time! I love going to galleries, museums, and performances. I most recently saw The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church at St Ann’s in Brooklyn and loved it.

2.  CRAFT:  Knit or Crochet or Other?  What is your craftiest project to date?

I’m semi embarrassed to be a New Yorker that doesn’t knit or crochet. I tried when I first moved here eight years ago, but I just don’t have the patience, or desire to do it. My most recent crafty project was getting together with my lady friends for a girls night out, and I brought supplies to make clothespin refrigerator magnets.

3.  DESIGN:  Classical or modern?  What designer or architect inspires you the most?

I think the idea of a modern aesthetic appeals to me, but in my own life I prefer Classical. For instance, I love going to a party at a beautiful loft space in NYC–extremely tall ceilings, minimalistic furniture, clean lines. However, when I ‘m home I want to be cozy and comfortable. When it comes to clothing–I always admire people who try a very modern or contemporary edge in their style. I myself would be happy in a Mad Man-esque sheath and heels.

4.  FOOD:  Salty or sweet?  Do you know how to make your favorite dish? (If so, please tell us in a blog!)
Oh! I love a salty and sweet combination like chocolate covered pretzels. I think when I want comfort, I go for savory (like Spicy Thai Kettle Chips) but when I want a special treat for myself, I go sweet (like Burdicks chocolate, or Tu-lu’s Bakery).

5.  THOUGHT:  Fiction or Nonfiction?  What form does the bulk of your own reading and/or writing take?

Non-Ficiton in my own writings. I tend to get inspired on my walks to work–whether it be quotations that I see on the windows of ABC Carpet and Home, or on the sandwich board at Mud Coffee–I love writing about ideas that for me are universally appealing. In my own reading, I love fiction and non-fiction. My most recent favorite have been: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Wells. I also love Real Simple Magazine, and a blog called Joy the Baker.

6.  FUN:  Where in the world do you want to go or be stranded?  What five things would be in your bag?

Any sunshiny island will do! I love traveling, but in this dead of Winter in NYC, I want a beach!

I would have :
my kindle for reading
stationary for writing letters
Reviva–my favorite facial moisturizer and sunblock
A bag of Spicy Thai chips (I’m telling ya, they are delicious!)
My MacBook Air for connecting with friends and blogging!

For more about Tammi, please check out her personal blog, Happy Tuesdays.

Welcome Tammi!

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  • Stephanie

    I can’t wait to try one of your gluten free recipes. And don’t worry, I don’t knit or crochet either. I know how to crochet, but don’t have the patience for it. Welcome to Dd!

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