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Ladies and gentleman, I give you the president and first lady of street style photography, Scott Schuman and Garance Dore. Okay, so perhaps that’s way too formal of an introduction for these photographer/blogger extraordinaires. In all seriousness, though, these two are pioneers of the street style movement and the photographs taken by both are nothing short of magical. In a wonderful twist of style, passion, and romance melding together, they are also a couple. Potentially the world’s coolest, stylish, most chicest couple ever.

(Seriously, can we all just take a moment to be jealous please?)

There was a fantastic article in NY Magazine recently chronicling their lives and work, which is also where I got the above black and white photo. You can find that article here. I absolutely adore both of their websites; I check both Garance Dore and The Sartorialist on a daily basis. At this point, their sites are fashion bibles just as much as Vogue is. Perhaps even more so, really, because they capture fashion as applied in real life. Below are some examples of their beautiful and inspiring work…

(Garance Dore)

(The Sartorialist)

(Garance Dore)

(Garance Dore)

(Photo of Garance taken by The Sartorialist. How can you not love a photographer who roams the city in her boyfriend’s shorts and heels??)

(The Sartorialist)

On a technical note, their ability to capture such beautifully lit images is amazing. The moments in time they capture are so precise and beautiful, you could almost swear it was meticulously staged down to having extras in the background. But it’s not staged. Not exactly anyways; their subjects are usually aware they’re being photographed, but for the most part, their eyes are just that good. They don’t walk around with extra lighting or anything other than a camera. (However, to be fair, they are extremely nice cameras with super advanced lenses.)

So next time you’re starved for some fashion inspiration, visit one of their sites. Or, make it a daily ritual like me. Trust me, there will always be something magical there for you to see.

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