Midterm Blues

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I have emerged from the depths of exams, papers and choreography showings to take a nice breath of Dd air! It’s that time of the semester again for me, and the increased amount of doodles in my notebooks reveals my struggles to stay focused. Even in a class as awesome as 20th Century Art, my thoughts have been drifting further than usual. Here’s an example:



I was wearing this dress in my dream the other night (way to go subconscious!) and it found its way into my daydreams as well. In the dream it was sort of a kelly green, but I’m thinking maybe hunter or a mossy green would be nice? The lighter shade on top is mesh and the dark part is satin (?)















I started to riff off of the first dress and come up with some other ones, but I didn’t have time to really finish before the lecture was over.

(Please ignore the snip-its of actual Art History notes)


Can’t you see the influence of LOLAstretch with my use of mesh?!


Now, I am NO designer. Nor can I actually sew anything besides ribbons on my pointe shoes or a simple stitch here or there.

That being said, here is the beginning of my post-semester DIYto-do list:

-Learn to sew

-Finish the piles of unfinished crochet projects I have laying around

-Finish reading Apollo’s Angels


To anyone else suffering with midterms- hang in there! After this hump, summer will finally be (somewhat) in sight! All together now…”Aaaah.” 🙂

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  • candice

    Love these. I think my own sketches would be better with art history notes in the background. As for colors, I think the sleevless dress should be kelly green. Would be like a short homage to Emeralds. First dress, moss?

    I will teach you how to sew when you have a minute and we can share the pattern as a Dd tutorial, but I can’t help you with the unfinished crochet because I have a pile of my own right now. So glad your midterms are over and you are back!

  • heather

    Love these designs! Quick learn to sew so I can buy one of your dresses! 😉

  • stephanie

    I hear ya on the daydreaming bit. I keep finding myself scrolling the internet for creative inspiration versus focusing on the bones of the human body. Sigh.

    I do see the LOLA influence and love it. I have to agree with Candice, the sleeveless dress would be awesome in Kelly Green.

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