Some post-Oscar thoughts on Black Swan

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This movie has been getting an incredible amount of hype and press. While it seemed to have a few beneficial attributes (apparently City Ballet’s performances of Swan Lake were sold out and speculation relates this to all of the hoopla surrounding the movie), I found the movie campy and disappointing.

Natalie Portman as the heavy-breathing perfectionist Nina Sayers

I stumbled across this strongly opinionated review the other day. Toni Bentley is a former New York City Ballet dancer turned writer. Some of you might recognize the name because she helped Suzanne Farrell write her autobiography Holding Onto the Air. Personally, I felt her review was spot on and well articulated. Her timing is interesting, in that she waited until after Ms. Portman’s Academy Award win to see the movie and contribute her thoughts on it. At Dd, we always appreciate a strong, intelligent opinion.

Toni Bentley’s thoughts on Black Swan

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  • heather

    I love this review! Thanks for posting it Stephanie; you seriously made my day!

  • Stephanie

    I think Toni Bentley might be my new idol.

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