Spruce up your banana bread

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I was daydreaming on the train today about what delicious extras I can add to my banana bread recipe (sorry DIY-ers, that’s a top secret, self-created recipe I am not prepared to share). Here’s a few I came up with. Some of these I have tried while others are ones to look forward to. I would love to hear others’ thoughts.

-chocolate chunks (and I mean CHUNKS not chips)                                  

-fruit and nut trail mix (sounds odd, but surprisingly good)

-oat bran for the health nuts

-plain yogurt for extra moistness

-orange zest


-carob chips

-cinnamon chips

-peanut butter

-walnuts or pecans

-dried cranberries or cherries

-macadamia nuts (why not?)

-make them into muffins and hide a pb cup inside

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