The Art of Letterpress: The Final Product

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It’s turned to spring in Omaha! I’m so excited and ready for it. There was a thunderstorm smell in the air all day.

This post I have lots of images of my finished book. Looking back at these pictures makes me so glad I made these books, even though it was probably the toughest project I’ve ever taken on. It was a rewarding experience in itself.

I sat on the floor bent over my books and bound them by hand with a simple stitch, using a heavy duty thread which I first pulled through a block of wax in order for it to be strung through the paper more easily. I put up closeups and captions of each page. I hope you enjoy, it’s been a pleasure reflecting on my process and sharing my handmade book with you!



Next week I’ll be talking about my latest adventure as a design intern at Anthropologie.



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  • candice

    Congratulations! This book is so gorgeous. I hope you keep making art and books because there is so much care and beautiful detail in your work. Those are 12 lucky recipients!

  • Stephanie


  • emily

    Thank you so much! I haven’t decided if I’m going to take Advanced Hand Produced Book, it’s a lot of time that I should be starting to spend on my painting independent study! But I definitely want to illustrate the stories in my head with watercolor and ink illustrations 🙂

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