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Earlier today, I posted my newest article for, a review for Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance’s Spring Soiree.  At the show, I ran into a well known NYC teacher. He thought it was wonderful that I was doing so much writing these days and asked if I am still dancing. Of course I am! He found it curious that I was able to continue my performing career while writing. This got me to thinking about several things. First of all, most of the freelance writing I do is non-dance related, so I guess I never really considered how my writing would affect my performing career. Then I found myself getting rather self-righteous. I’m sorry, but as a dancer am I not allowed to have an opinion? And am I not allowed to voice my opinion? Would this really make me a less appealing hire as a dancer?


Luckily for CLD and myself, I loved the performance and found it easy to write flattering things about Lavagnino’s company and choreography. Yet, I like to think I have the freedom to write honestly; express how I truly feel about topics. Do I need to censor myself to continue working in my profession? I’m just thinking out loud here.

Dancer Ramona Kelly from CLD Photography by Ella Bromblin



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  • candice

    Novelists often review other novelists and likewise with visual art, however, I do think there is a bit of a taboo when it comes to performers. A fear exists there will be a lack of objectivity, especially if the people in the show are the reviewer’s friends, and on the flip side, a fear for the reviewer that objectivity will lead to being blacklisted. It basically comes down to the idea performers want to be in the good graces of everyone for obvious reasons. But it is a new era, and I think if you are objective and critical, you should review whatever you want. Besides, if you get snubbed by a director or a choreographer because they are afraid of your opinions, I would guess you wouldn’t want to work for someone so limited.

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