Spring Cleaning

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I’ve been hit by the spring cleaning bug! I decided it was high time to lighten my wardrobe load just a bit. (Slash I officially ran out of room in my closet.)  So I’ve put some things up on Ebay if anyone would like to check them out…

I am a big fan of selling and buying things on Ebay, particularly clothing. You absolutely have to be careful about who you’re buying from, but as long as you’re careful and use common sense, it’s amazing the kind of deals you can find on there. Sometimes the more in demand items can get a little tricky, with tons of people bidding and someone swooping in at the last moment to win the auction. However, if you stick to slightly more obscure items, Ebay shopping is usually fairly stress free. One item I’ve been lusting for lately is a vintage leather messenger bag, and Ebay is the perfect spot to score one of those. Selling wise, it’s also great for people like me who just have too. many. clothes!

Here’s the individual links to my auction items…

BCBG Royal Blue Cami

Elie Tahari Silk Bodice

White Ruffle Cocktail Dress

Have you been hit by the spring cleaning bug yet? If you have, happy cleaning!


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