Is Film the Future of Photography?

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Hey guys!

This past year I’ve been hearing non-stop that photography is heading in the direction of film and videos. This is true especially for fashion. I’m taking a video class along with all these photography classes and I must say, it’s scarily true. I believe there will always be a place for a still image. Always. But, it is interesting to see what people can do with short films! Here are two I’ve made relating to dance.

This one is a “behind the scenes” look at Lois Greenfield’s dance photography workshop a few weeks ago. Wonderful dancers, students, and of course Lois herself!

Little Fluffy Clouds – Lois Greenfield Workshop

This next one is a short video I did of my dear friend Christine Luciano, a dancer at Tisch. The assignment was to take inspiration from a song and create a video. She recently got surgery and is dealing with the recovery process, so this is a bit of a look into what it is like for a dancer to go through that. She’s incredible.

After the Fall

Here are a few videos that I LOVE and thought I’d share as well…


Thought of You

Pas de Deux Coda – Opening Ceremony

More to come soon!

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