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While I should be studying for Kinesiology, I was daydreaming on the train about various nonsense. A mariachi band hopped onto my A train, and it turned my dreamy thoughts towards my short (VERY short) subway stories. Perhaps, I should write more . . . perhaps, I should publish a compilation of them some day. Sadly, I do have A LOT of material to pull from.

In honor of the mariachi band’s return to my daily subway rides, I decided to re-post some of my subway snippets.



The Mariachi Band

On Monday, I took the subway to downtown. A few stops after I got on, a mariachi band entered and played a song. On Tuesday, I took a different train and enjoyed a repeat performance from them. After an encounter on the third day, I decided the mariachi band was stalking me.


I’m feeling rather inspired. Unfortunately, not on a kinesthetic-learning level. (I think I made up a word) More to come soon!

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