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Lately I’ve been starved for some life inspiration, so I thought I’d profile a lady whom I admire greatly for living a truly passionate, artistic life: Gillian Anderson.

I almost don’t want to mention The X-files (except, I just did) because in the time since, Scully has proven to be the tip of the iceberg for her.  Gillian has taken her life in an unconventional direction, at least by Hollywood standards, and has built an incredibly impressive body of work. We in America aren’t aware of the majority of her other work outside X-Files, though, which is a shame. She’s a wildly successful case of following your instincts and truly living your own life, without worrying about any prescribed status quo.

How, you ask? Well, she moved to London for starters. Since moving there, she has been embraced by their film, television, and theater communities. In the past few years, she has done several BBC mini series and several British films, as well as plays in the West End. Proving to be an immense character actress, each role she takes on is vastly different from the previous and all are incredibly nuanced. Watching her Lady Dedlock in the BBC mini series Bleak House is like watching a master class on acting for the camera.

(As Lady Dedlock in Bleak House, Source: BBC)

In addition to acting, she also works tirelessly for several charities in Africa, the US, and the UK. To name just a few, she is a trustee for an organization called Off the Street Kids, which helps impoverished South African youths transition to adulthood, and is on the board of Artists for a New South Africa. She is also a hugely accomplished world traveller. (Seriously, her passport must be the most wonderful collection of stamps.) Somewhere in all of this, she has managed to have three children, redesign a few homes, and work on adapting the novel, Speed of Light, into a screenplay.

I. feel. lazy.

If you’d like to find out more about her career and charity work, you can visit her official website. Or visit Off the Street Kids and Artists for a New South Africa. If you happen to be living in LA or London, you can volunteer with these wonderful organizations and of course donations are always welcome. To see her work, I highly suggest watching Bleak House, Any Human Heart, and a beautiful little film, The Mighty Celt, where she has an Irish accent that will blow you away. (All are on Netflix Instant.)

Okay, I’m going to go meditate on how I can make my life more productive now.

(Gillian Anderson Website)



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