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Hope you are all enjoying the beauties of spring! Now that I’m finished posting about my handmade letterpress book, I would like to share some of my recent paintings with you. Feedback, questions/comments on my work is appreciated!


Soon I’ll be posting about my journey as a design intern at Anthropologie.


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  • candice

    I love Moonlights. It is really stunning and although I love works with portraiture and the body, out of these works, I prefer the mood you have created with this abstract landscape. You have so many talents!

  • emily

    Thank you so much I appreciate it! I feel that way as well, I knew right away where I was going with Moonlights and it just clicked. 🙂 It was a starting point to my semester, and a lot of my new work is coming from that.

    Thank you so much, you are exceptionally talented as well, and thank you so much for this blog! 🙂

  • candice

    yes, keep painting and sharing with us!

  • Nicole

    These are beautiful! Cannot wait to hear about Anthropologie…my absolute favorite store! Sounds exciting, and seems as though you are perfect for that job

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