Raising the Barre on Nutrition: A New Food Bar Made by Dancers

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Through an old Milwaukee Ballet friend of mine, Alison Kappes (current dancer with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre), I was made aware of a fantastic new foodie duo:  Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley.

Julia and Aaron of Barre

Julia, a principal dancer with PBT, and Aaron, a former dancer with the company for 9 seasons, have joined forces to create Barre:  the first nutrition bar designed with dancers in mind. But have no fear, if you are past your days of pirouetting or have two left feet, Julia and Aaron assure us it can be enjoyed by everyone.  The official launch is set for early May, so you won’t have to drool for too much longer.

Barre’s stated mission “to provide exceptional nutrition and clean energy—inspired by the needs of dancers—for dancers and everyone else who demands wholesome and great-tasting nourishment.  To accomplish its goal, Barre produces and distributes health-minded snacks and performance products specially formulated for the artist-athlete lifestyle.”

I love their entrepreneurial spirit and think they will be an inspiration to the dance community.  I also hope they will join our Dd blogging community so we can learn more about what it is like to follow a dream and start a new food business while still dancing.   And of course, we want a backstage peek into their kitchen too. If you are interested in getting a box of your own or encouraging your local dance store or studio to carry them, click here–I can’t wait to try one!



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  • stephanie

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to try one either.

  • Heather

    I’ve had one! We have been selling them at the Brentwood Dance and Activewear Store and they are super yummy!

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