New Painting Series: "Treeheads"

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Hello everyone– I’ve missed the world of DIYdancer. I’ve been away from technology while I was busy finishing up my time as a design intern at Anthropologie.  There  I created a very fun, and very large, final project and I can’t wait to share the photos. This entry, however, is a series of paintings I created for my advanced painting class this past spring semester called “Treeheads”.

Here is my artist’s statement:

I’ve made this body of work with my fascination of trees in mind. I’m continually impressed with the beauty of how tree trunks and branches twist and entwine skyward, and the shapes they create in negative space against blue sky. Tree imagery has always been loaded with many connotations, but in my work I’m directly relating trees to our human relation to nature and to the Earth. We depend on trees for oxygen, and trees depend on us for carbon dioxide. Out of this idea developed a series of “Treeheads,” or human figures incorporated into the likeness of trees to express this relationship.

The Treeheads called for a soft, glowing, electric hue of blue for a backdrop to highlight the spindling branches cutting through space. I used a soft cloth in a circular motion to blend various shades of blue to give the color depth, yet create simplicity and calm on the canvas. Although the pieces in this body of work include tree imagery, there are variations among them to depict what I’ve seen in dreams, to give a feeling of heaviness and lightness with floating rocks and trees, to convey a human emotion through the Treeheads, or for the pure delight of a dreamlike surreal image.


Happy summer!


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