Le Grande Corniche, CA

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Starting Your Own Business, Tip #32:  Take some time for yourself

The hamster wheel never stops. There’s always stuff to do, and it’s always your job to do it.  But better busy than bored, right?  You wake up the morning thinking Hmm, not exactly certain what I’ll be doing today, but I am sure that it will be new and exciting. That’s just part of the fun.  Nevertheless it’s important to take time off–some time for yourself to stay balanced.

Julia and I were in LA this week visiting family and promoting Barre.  It was all: yoga class and hustle, ballet class and hustle, drinks and hustle, busy, busy, busy.  Now,  with a little luck and a lot of generous and wonderful friends, Barre will soon be available at Westside School of Ballet and Pharmaca (fingers crossed) among others.

When we’re on the West Coast Julia always makes appointments with these new age witch doctor-e body work people.  This often leaves me with some Aaron time.  On this trip I took a nice drive through the San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest.  It’s like the Grand Corniche in the south of France.  You know, like at the beginning of every James Bond movie.  Here are some pictures from my mini-vacation…









Way up in the mountains.  Far below is the reservoir and winding road.


Hairpin turns with the pedal to the floor in my rented Hyundai Accent!

the turn


What’s around the corner?  Hmm, not exactly certain, but I am sure that it will be new and exciting.







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  • candice

    busy but never bored, amen. would have loved to take those curves in my mini cooper!

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful . . . can’t wait to be amongst the mountains myself in a week and a half. I’m going to have to order a box of Barre for my stay in Montana : )

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