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I’ve been hearing the word LAUNCH so often lately. It’s starting to sound a little weird to me.  It seems to imply something is going to blast off and be catapulted beyond the stratosphere…

After many months of preparation, Aaron and I are officially “launching” our product, Barre – a real food bar made by dancers for everyone, to the general public! Whohoo! We’re super excited. Check it:

But we’ve taken so many teeny tiny incremental steps to get to this place (I’ll admit, many of these have been unanticipated steps! Ahh, the learning process of starting your own business…) so it seems to me that maybe another word is more apropos. Contrary to being launched, Barre ain’t goin’ nowhere—Barre is now finally HERE! I see each step as a gradual peeling away of the onion layers, so this week’s “official commencement of the public declaration of Barre being on the market” is really more like a REVEAL, the unveiling of our final product. Or final first product. Or first final version of the very first product. Whatever it is, we’re in business baby (actually we like to call it “beeswax” as in, “none of your beeswax”): having fun, learning a lot, and taking cues from those with expertise, like Candice, of course! So without further ado, I give you photo documentation of just a few of those many layers:

Check us out visiting the factory last fall…is every profession I have going to involve hairnets?

This was after that factory scout out, while we were still making Barres at home. another hairnet and, YES, that’s a Madonna Who’s That Girl 1987 World Tour shirt he’s wearing.

And speaking of Layers, check out the old and new wrappers, posted on our dry erase board.

Layers con’t: Here we have shipping boxes shipped in a box to you. egads!


More layers to come…

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  • candice

    I am ready to order box #2! love the behind the scenes factory hairnet photo–thanks!

  • Richard

    Where can I buy these in Santa Monica or West LA . I had one and it was superb. Delicious and helps me keep my energy up for a long time. Please say it is available here!

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