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I love Facebook!

There I said it.

But this post isn’t about FB, it’s about my garden. I do not live on FB,  and I’ve even  flirted deactivation a couple  of times. But, reconnecting with  an old friend is a magical moment indeed and there is no better tool for this than Facebook.  Maybe it’s the new business, or maybe I’m just at that age, but recently I have come to know, again, some brilliant and wonderful people.  But, while messaging on FB is “convenient”, there is nothing like a good ‘ol American chat on the phone to catch up.  Partially because it’s summer,  these marathon reacquaints give me a great opportunity to mind the garden while talking with an old friend.  Here are a few pictures of what I been able to produce so far this season in our tiny urban garden:






In the foreground, Thai Basil. In the background… Basil Basil.






Can you see the first little squashes growing here?  –>







These guys were seeds a year ago.




This WILL be a pumpkin by the Fall.  Hopefully I can reclaim my pumpkin glory from days of yore!



Finally, my attempt at hops.  If they survive the winter they will a great addition, visually and aromatically, to the garden next year.  I may even try to learn how to make them “beerable”.  Get it?!


I will be sure to update everyone as the season progresses.

Thanks old friend!

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  • Stephanie

    It’s okay Aaron . . . I love facebook too! Love the garden pics and can’t wait to see everything grow.

  • candice

    i hope the hops make it so that Dd can include a home brew feature in the future!

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