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I think that my professional dance background comes in handy in several areas of my life.  For instance, at weddings, I am always kicking butt on the dance floor.  And when I need to wear a fabulous dress that may happen to make breathing difficult, it’s not a problem…after dancing 10 minute pieces in a corset tutu, I can handle any wardrobe limitations.  But, how does my dance training contribute to my current corporate day job?  Here’s a quick list of 7 dancer attributes that put us a few leaps ahead of most corporate worker bees…

1.  Flexibility – Dancers can bend and stretch to meet deadlines and requirements with the greatest of ease and very little notice.

2.  Rhythm – We know how to time things out, wait for the right beat and stay in rhythm to make sure that things are perfectly time out and executed at the right time. AKA: Time Management Skills!

3.  Pas de Duex, or Trois, or Chat—  We work well in teams, in partnerships or as a large corps.  Dancers know how to work both solo or as a component of a large group to make the overall production stronger.

4.  Syncopations -Dancers can always hear the beats beyond the music and likewise we can think creatively to find nuances and ideas others just can’t see or hear.

5.  En Pointe – Dancers know how to get ahead and rise above the competition

6.  Choreography –  We know how to take charge.  We can look at the big picture and orchestrate all the elements, direct personnel and compose all the details to make the finished product seamless and the perfect production.

7.  Artistic Personalities – We know how to handle and work with um, shall we say, sometimes difficult personalities.

So next time you are wondering what other kind of career you could go into besides dance, just remember that with your skills you could take the corporate world by storm!


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  • Joyce Wolf

    Heather, you wrote such an incredible article that I think should inspire other dancers they can utilize all the skills that they have learned in almost any career.

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