LEAPing into a new school year

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It’s difficult to believe that this time last year I started my very first LEAP class – Writing for the Liberal Arts. Now, I’m venturing into Personal and Professional Assessment, known in LEAP lingo as PPA. The truth is, I was DREADING this class. As I read the course guide to get a sense for what the next ten weeks would be like (yes, I am a nerd), I felt my throat go dry as I took in the number of 10-page papers and the amount of personal investigation the course requires. Last night’s class not only calmed my fears, but made me do a 360. Now, I’m excited for this course.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching on my own time. “To dance or not to dance.” It is forever on my mind. Additionally, realizing that my perfectionism might be holding me back. Whether dance made me this way or I was drawn to dance because of my A-type characteristics is something I’ll never know. But, last night, after chatting with many of my fellow LEAPers, I discovered that I’m not alone in either my battle to let things be or the fear of life after ballet.

It’s certainly going to be an interesting semester, which I think will really influence my writing and direction. In the meantime, here’s another little subway story to show my Dd love. It’s 50-worder. Enjoy!



Life is a Bowl of Grapes

There was only one other passenger in the subway car. At the far end, sat a homeless man with a bag of grapes. He pelted the grapes against the wall while he shouted obscenities.

I thought about the definition of irony and if it related to a hungry man wasting his grapes.



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  • Nicole

    Love this subway story! Isn’t it funny the way New York throws those types of scenes at you? Often a metaphor useful for my life at some given moment literally trips me on the sidewalk. Thanks, New York!

  • candice

    thanks for sharing Steph!

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