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I would like to invite you all to STAY, a production of the Theater of the First Amendment. STAY shows at the Lansburgh Theater, part of the Shakespeare Theater, in Washington, DC, November 11-18.

STAY blog link! Can you spot me?

STAY is a collaboration between choreographer Susan Shields and playwright Heather McDonald both of whom have enjoyed illustrious professional careers including their current tenures at George Mason University.

STAY is an innovative performance that merges theater, dance, SLAM multimedia, and music to wrestle with the issue of impermanence and all the ways we long for things, people, and life to simply Stay. Set on a remote island surrounded by stones, sea and sky, Stay explores generations of a family.

That’s the official company line anyways.

Here’s my take: It’s awesome! It’s one of the coolest projects that I’ve ever worked on. If you like good theater then you should come and see it.

The cast of STAY is comprised of 6 professional, and highly talented actors, and 4 professional, and highly talented dancers including….yours truly!

How did I find myself making this great return to stage you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I was in Chicago in late July at the 2011 Dance USA Conference promoting Barre to dance companies from across the country. Walking out of the bathroom I caught the eye of an attractive bleach blonde in stiletto heals. I stared at her, she back at me as we explored the archives of recognition in our respective minds. Finally, “Susan”. “Aaron, hey how are you.” Susan Shields choreographed Concerto Caprice for PBT many years ago when I was still with the company. So, to make a long story longer, I’m here in Fairfax, VA for the next two weeks before a three week run of STAY.

If your in DC, or not afraid of a road trip, come and check it out. You won’t regret it. And, please tell your friends. Of course you should also like us on Facebook.

I’ll post some more on this later as this post is getting a bit lengthy, but STAY tuned… get it? STAY tuned.

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  • candice

    This sounds like such an awesome project! I don’t think I will be able to get down for it–will there be any video clips or livestreaming of this? or would that be weird because it would be turning a fleeting performance into a permanent video?

  • Aaron ingley


    Tonight is opening night! Unfortunately I don’t think are any video feeds, but there will another two shows in April!

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