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Are you taking time to review your 2011 and write resolutions for 2012?  Is one of your resolutions to change jobs and/or have more time for your art/dance endeavors and/or need to make more money?  In 2008, these were the questions I was asking myself and it led me to do the BodyTonic Pilates Teacher Training Program with master teacher Jennifer DeLuca.  I have not looked back since, my life has completely changed.  I now have a steady income doing something positive, great clients, and more time for my art, writing, and costume design.

I am so happy to be involved and teaching in the 2012 BodyTonic Pilates Teacher Training Program which will be beginning in a few short weeks. There is an info session and workshop coming up on January 6th from 6-9 and I would love to see you there if you are finding yourself in this place of transition.  You can sign up online at or call 718.622.622.  Also, feel free to post any questions you might have and I would be happy to answer them here!


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Here is to a happy, healthy, and NEW year in 2012!

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  • Heather

    What a nice sentiment! I want to make a career change in 2012…Just haven’t figured out what that might be yet! 😉

  • Tammi

    Looking forward to it!

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