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I was born with a mother who has an insatiable curiosity for anything that could potentially make the world a better place, especially health (given we live in America, and, let’s face it, are in a serious health crisis). When I was younger, I saw this as a curse. Sometimes I just wanted to eat Oreos and talk about boys instead of broccoli. But, now, I feel so blessed to have gained so much knowledge from my mother and her years upon years of trials and research.

These days, there is a lot of information on health, making it is hard to know what is right and what is wrong. But here is the kicker – most of the information that is widely available is funded by major corporations. It is the information that is not on the yahoo home page and in Weight Watchers ads that is truly valuable.

It is quite simple; don’t eat anything processed and limit sugar intake, which causes yeast production (candida) within the body (yes, even fruit sugar). Avoid chemical products and drugs (there are so many natural alternatives, just google it!)  at all costs (unless you are dying of malaria… then please make an exception!). The food we eat, the chemicals we clean with, and the drugs we take to ‘make us better’ are causing killer diseases. Biologically, anything that enters our system gets absorbed into our blood stream through our skin and our gut and all the chemicals that enter are literally changing molecular structures within our cells and brain stems. Hello cancer, diabetes, Alzheimers… you name it! Not to mention, all of these chemicals cause drastic fluctuations of hormones and emotions. Your energy level and behavior literally reflects what you eat!

Eating organic, clean foods and keeping a chemical free home are more than just about a skinny waist line- its about avoiding diseases that could take your life in the future, far earlier than is necessary. And while it’s scary to think about, NOT having the information is even worse. So ‘munch’ on that next time you think about biting into an Oreo….

My Dad and Mom at 57 and 54 respectively- super healthy and loving life!!! Notice the wine glasses are empty- so much sugar! (“sugar is the devil,” as my dad would say)… something to think about


P.S.  vodka has virtually no sugar…. just saying 🙂


Resources for more in depth information:

Candida- http://www.ecandida.com/

Leaky Gut Syndrome- http://www.leakygutcure.com/blog/leaky-gut-syndrome/

Chemicals- http://www.chem-tox.com/

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  • candice

    Thanks for the inspiration to start 2012 in a cleansing spirit! I just moved and confess I sprayed bleach nearly everywhere in my desire to disinfect the place, but moving forward I am definitely going to focus on using less toxic chemicals inside my apt. Indoor air quality seems like such an important issue and I also can’t wait for when I am able to open the windows and get some fresh air in. As for the wine, it will just have to take the place of dessert;-)

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