London Calling ???????

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Lately, I’ve been restless in New York City. I know I have everything I could possibly want or need at my fingertips, but something is missing. Grad school is within my reach, but I’m not there yet. Despite pushing to graduate by the end of summer, it just wasn’t doable. So, now, I am looking at a graduation date of May 2013. So what do I do until then?


My dancing days are quickly coming to an end and my passion for writing grows more everyday. Initially, this news devastated me. But I’m refocused now and making the most of my undergrad college career.

A few weeks ago, I learned that my LEAP affiliated school St. Mary’s College of California offers LEAP students the opportunity to study abroad. Not only do they offer these programs, but they have some of the best study abroad programs in the country. This got my brain whirling … I’ve always wanted to spend an extended amount of time in Europe – 2 weeks just never feels like enough. So I began to research the programs offered by SMC and found one in London with the Queen Mary University of London.


The topic of London seems to be a recurring theme in my life lately. My mother and I have been contemplating a mother/daughter trip there and think sooner rather than later is ideal. Serendipitously, several London travel articles have come across my path, making the prospect more real. Then, I received an e-mail from a UK publication that might be interested in publishing some of my work. They are based in London. I feel like The Clash is singing the soundtrack of my life for the moment.


I have no aspirations of moving there for good, but maybe this is my last chance to do something completely outside of my comfort zone and, of course, make me a prime candidate for the grad schools I’m applying for : ) Can’t you picture me, sitting at a London cafe, sipping on espresso, and being studious?




I can’t help but wonder … Is London calling? And should I answer the call?

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  • Nate

    Do it. London is fabulous!!!

  • stephanie

    If this happens then I am encouraging all my friends to come visit … can I count you in for that ‘challenge’? : )

  • candice

    I can picture it! Answer the call!!

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