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Warning:  this event does interfere with the Super Bowl.

If you are still reading, please join me tomorrow night for a talk at Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, think of it as an informal Dd Think Tank:



Viejo unveiling.

2nd Edition: Artist Talks

Sunday February 5th


505 Carroll St.

Brooklyn, NY


Exhibiting Artists: Stacie Baek, Annie Coggan, Whitney Crutchfield, Katie Minford, Julia Ramsey, Candice Thompson

“For the past six months, the exhibiting artists have spent their creative time at Textile Arts Center as part of the Artist In Residency program. The group exhibition is meant to encompass the ongoing dialogue these six artists have had, highlighting the work they have produced while immersed in the textile community environment.”


Viejo, back view.

I spent my time during this residency working on a piece entitled Viejo:

The weight of his suits, rubber-banded together and kept dry inside the black trash bag I improvised as a garment bag, crushed my arm as I stood waiting on a wet curb outside JFK. I clutched his suitcase in my other hand, which held the rest of his pilfered wardrobe. Tears streamed down my face that I was unable to wipe away. Having just returned home from my grandfather’s funeral, I had no idea why I had taken so many of his clothes or what I would do with them in my small apartment, where there was scant room for my own clothes. It was October 3, 2009. Eventually, I came to the idea of punching holes in the clothing and pressing the thousands of small circles into newly minted fabric buttons. This was the beginning of a process of material transformation that would ultimately lead to yet another metamorphosis – portraiture. I now find myself painting with these artifacts, recreating his image out of ineffable fragments.

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  • kristin

    What a touching story, boo. Are you going to post a front view?!

  • candice

    Thanks! Yes, as soon as I get a professional shot of the front I will be posting!

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