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I am so excited to introduce another new contributor to Dd: Kristin Storey! Kristin has been a close friend of mine since our days at Milwaukee Ballet. She has always been the little sister I never had and I love her as one of my family. Her quirky spirit and unique nature continually inspire me and she often brings me to that beautiful place: crying and laughing, laughing and crying.

We are now living on separate coasts, connecting again over feelings that are very similar, though our experiences have been very different, post full-time dance career. I choose to introduce her to you all in this loving, familiar way as she will be blogging for us in a new style (at least for Dd). Kristin will be taking us into her world, weaving back and forth from the past to her real-time transition as she she charts her professional, emotional, and spiritual transition from dancer to non-dancer to student to wife to mother to loving dance and loving life and all the hardship in between. I hope her candid nature will provoke us all to think about these ties that bind us, as dancers but also movers and shakers, and get us into a lively discussion/debate about it all–the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Enjoy her Dd Survey:

1. ART: Performance or visual? What place does art have in your life?

Both! Living is an art form.

2. CRAFT: Knit or Crochet or Other? What is your craftiest project to date?

Crochet, but I want to learn to knit! My craftiest project would have to be the neck-warmer I made for my husband. It is bright blue and dark brown and joins at the collar bone in a sophisticated v-shape. Unfortunately the man runs hot and never wears it!

3. DESIGN: Classical or modern? What designer or architect inspires you the most?

Jesi Haack, of Jesi Haack Design – she takes ordinary people and expresses them in extra-ordinary ways on their most important day. She has worked hard to build her business and delights in her role of wife, friend and mother.

4. FOOD: Salty or sweet? Do you know how to make your favorite dish? (If so, please tell us in a blog!)

All time favorite = Green Curry. I do not make it – that is probably one of the reasons it is my favorite!
Favorite thing I make = Dishpan Cookies from These are the most indulgent, most amazing cookies ever!

5. THOUGHT: Fiction or Nonfiction? What form does the bulk of your own reading and/or writing take?

Nonfiction, because I am bent on improving myself. (I went through a pretty intense self-help stage.) I’m trying to reconnect with fiction now because it is so good for my soul. The Hunger Games are my current fiction read – very enjoyable!

6. FUN: Where in the world do you want to go or be stranded? What five things would be in your bag?

Ireland (in its warm season) because there are a few pictures from there I’ve collected on pinterest that look downright magical. I’d let my hair down, wear a long skirt and my bag would include: a blanket, tinted lip balm, crunchy almonds, a camera, and space for me to put my shoes so I could walk barefoot.

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  • nicole

    Welcome, Kristin! Nice to “meet” you. Can’t wait to hear more!

  • stephanie

    Welcome to the team Kristin. I’m so excited to have you on board and look forward to reading more : )

  • Kristin

    Thanks you guys! And thanks for that beautiful introduction, Candice. I feel the same about you and am so excited to be part of this community of artists.

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