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Everyone has music that inspires them and really pulls at their heartstrings. Right now for me it’s Adele hands down. I realize I’m not exactly alone in this; Adele seems to be everywhere I turn and you know what? I LOVE it! When I was getting out of my car in a parking garage the other day, I switched off my car (where I had been blasting Adele) and got out to hear someone a few cars down blasting Someone Like You. I also had a (completely fake) fight with my friend today over who loves Adele’s music more. I went to visit my aunt in Northern California over the weekend and we spent the whole weekend listening to Adele’s concert cd from The Royal Albert Hall in her car.

Adele is everywhere because her music is simply soulful. It comes from her soul and touches ours. It’s amazing when a single artist’s work can resonate with so many and become universally loved. I really think 21 is going to be one of those albums people still reference and talk about years later, somewhere along the lines of songs by The Beatles, Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

Seriously, I dare you to watch this Youtube clip from her London concert at the Royal Albert Hall and not be moved to tears.




Has an audience sing along ever been more magical?

If you love Adele too, buy this DVD of her live concert recorded last September. It’s an amazing concert and her banter in between songs is both poignant and hilarious. It also includes the Someone Like You version from above and the audience shots of people singing along during this song are just beautiful.

Now I have to figure out how in the world I’m ever going to get tickets to one of her concerts!

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