2 Minute Chocolate Cake

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I recently got a year older and received a brilliant gift from my honey: a subscription to Lucky Peach. It is a new quarterly journal of food and writing from McSweeney’s and Momofuku’s David Chang. The most recent issue brought me the wonder that is the 2 Minute Chocolate Cake. It is a one stop shop, combining so many things I enjoy, including essays from Anthony Bourdain, in one delicious periodical!


2 Minute Chocolate Cake


Take your basic chocolate cake recipe and chop all essential ingredients down to 3T or less. Use 1 egg. Stir wet ingredients in mug before adding the dry stuff. Add some chocolate chips. Splash vanilla and salt.


Microwave 2 min and spoon ice cream on top. (it is really cool how cake rises way up above mug while it is nuking!)



Voile! Cravings answered, albeit maybe a little too easily.



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