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I decided it’s about time I curated my own thoughts rather than someone else’s for a post and write about some of the events that are keeping me so busy at the moment.

The crazy thing about being a Manhattanite is that you never know how any given day will turn out. It’s a city bursting with opportunities and ambitious individuals…that “big break” feels like it is always lurking around the corner. Personally, I’ve dealt with many NYC ups and downs; some minor and some major ones. But all and all, I’ve been fortunate and have gotten invaluable opportunities in this city. In fact, I’ve developed my own tagline for life…

I never knew what it meant to truly work hard in the dance studio until I joined the James Sewell Ballet in Minneapolis and I never knew what it meant to truly work hard in life until I moved to New York City!

Cheesy as it may be, it’s 100% the truth. Since loading up my Toyota Yaris with my belongings and driving cross-country to pursue my Big Apple dreams, I’ve grown a lot.

Now, I’m working towards a transition…dancer turned writer!

To get a better grasp on the journalism world

Check out the March issue of NY Family, in which I have two feature articles!

and find out if it’s a good fit, I took an internship with New York Family Magazine – a subdivision of Manhattan Media.

Internships are great! It’s like shopping for your next career; is it a good fit? So, it’s been wonderful to ‘try on’ an editorial position at a print publication and get a feel for the work, atmosphere, timeline, etc… Honestly, I feel pretty NYC fabulous when I’m doing NY Fam duties: jetting around town to do interviews with yogis, crafters, opera aficionados and more, hitting up kid-friendly shows to let NYC parents know “yeah” or “nah,” trotting around the East Side in a pair of heels, viewing the FAO Schwartz gallery (they gave me a goodie bag!), and, the best part, going back to the office and having hours of uninterrupted time to write. While I’m at the Manhattan Media offices, I’m not worried about school work, dancing gigs, or if I remembered to pay my cell phone bill (don’t worry, I did). Instead, I focus my energies on special places in NYC for families to go and what 10 craft items every parent should have on hand. Sigh, I love it!

If I wasn’t sure before, I am now…I am on the correct path!

More big things to come. Stay tuned!

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  • Kristin

    Great post and I’m jealous! That sounds like such a fun internship!! What kind of qualifications did you have to have to intern at the magazine? PS, I have a yaris too – i love that little go kart!

  • stephanie

    It’s an amazing internship, mostly because they don’t treat me like an intern. When I applied for it, I submitted my resume – detailing my academic and writing experience – as well as several writing samples and a cover letter stating why I think I would be a good candidate.

    You have a Yaris! What color? I miss mine so much. She was jade green. Sniff sniff

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