Modern Day Philosophers

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For the next several months, I’ll have my nose wedged into the “great literary works of all time.” Ha, it’s sounds rather heady and highbrow, but it’s for my LEAP class Critical Perspectives I. At first, I moaned and groaned about reading the works of Plato, deciphering through Gilgamesh, taking the time and patience to fully comprehend Dante’s Inferno or The Canterbury Tales; but, now, I’m totally loving it! (FYI: The Canterbury Tales is rather vulgar and fantastic for it!)

Actually, I’ve always wanted to tackle some of these works, but I’m taking more from this class than just a literary accomplishment – pat on the back to anyone who can understand and love Gilgamesh. These early works are not so much novels as philosophical compositions. All of this talk of Socrates and Plato has got me wondering, “Who are the philosophers of our time?”

Rodin's "The Thinker"

So, I decided to do a little bit of extracurricular research on modern day philosophers and found it can be a nebulous term – one that people don’t always want to take on. It’s a mighty job to be insightful. I know it sounds silly, but think of how the great philosophers of the past were persecuted by those who disagreed – calling them insane and dangerous. In fact, Socrates was brought before the Greek court and then sentenced to death. Geez, talk about a difference of opinions.

It must be daunting to step forward, publicly question/criticize how the world operates currently, and then make strides to impact change.

But I also think philosophy can be a personal thing. Maybe a close friend or family member said something to you once that greatly impacted the way you lived or thought about your life. It’s an interesting topic. Maybe I’m a nerd for having it on my brain, but these are the type of curious thoughts that keep me up at night.

Does anyone have a modern day philosopher or own personal philosophy to live by?

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