Win a pair of tickets to see Dances Patrelle in Gilbert & Sullivan: The Ballet

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Francis Patrelle, artistic director of Dances Patrelle, has found his own little niche amongst the New York dance scene. Tucked away in the quiet Upper East Side, Patrelle continues to build a body of work that is truly his own. While he stays informed of NY’s various dance trends, Patrelle doesn’t allow these to influence his choreography, staying true to what he knows and loves about dance.  He likes to tell a story through dance, filling his movement with drama, gestural nuances, and a hint of old-school Hollywood.

So, it makes perfect sense that one day Patrelle would feel the inclination to create a ballet to the music of theatrical duo Gilbert & Sullivan. With an original storyline, conceived and written by DP’s Adminstrative Director Justin Allen, Gilbert & Sullivan: The Ballet brings together dramatic plotlines, live music, and live dance with the hopes to provide New Yorkers with  pure, unadulterated entertainment.

Duke Mitchell as Arthur Sullivan and Dorothy O'Shea Overbey in the prologue of 'Pinafore'. Photo by Rosalie O'Connor

At Dd, we constantly speak of art that makes us think and examine life’s occurrences – both the good and the bad. However, we also think art exists to make life more pleasurable – an escape from reality. This doesn’t mean we don’t encourage everyone to continuously seek out the depth and meaning within all art.

With that said, we ask of you, why is the work of Gilbert & Sullivan still relevant today?


Submit your answer in a comment to this post to win a pair of tickets for opening night of Dances Patrelle’s Gilbert & Sullivan: The Ballet. The performance is on Thursday May 3, 2012 at 7:30 at the UES’s Dicapo Opera House. Deadline for submission is midnight on Sunday April 29, 2012.

Gilbert & Sullivan: The Ballet runs at the Dicapo Opera House from May 3, 2012 through May 6, 2012. To buy tickets or to see other showtimes and dates, click here.

For more information on other NYC dance performances, check out our Dd NYC Event Calendar.

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