A Subway Story: Smooth Like Jagger?

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On this Friday, I felt inspired to once again share my series of short stories…really short stories…at about 100 words in length. But I promise there is a beginning, middle, and end to all of them. Here is a new one I wrote the other day.

Written about the subway on the subway…the following story is based on actual events.

Smooth Like Jagger?

Most New Yorkers possess a love or hate relationship with the MTA’s roster of amateur entertainers. In the case of William, the underground, belting Maroon 5 wannabe, it is the latter.

On a dreary Tuesday afternoon, he attempted to elevate the moods of his fellow train passengers with an ambitious rendition of “Moves Like Jagger.” Unfortunately for William, his vocals did not inspire, but rather assaulted the ears of the unsuspecting subway riders.

Personal music devices were turned up, eyes rolled, and poor William’s dreams of Broadway stages and record deals were left on the rain-splattered subway floor.

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