1000 LBS of Steel–Brian Brooks Moving Company at the Joyce

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“Aren’t we brave as dancers? In the dance studios and with dancers on stage I feel it -risk is there. I believe this is something we dancers share, the risk of putting ourselves in the present moment, dealing with the body, making choices and letting it become our profession before our very eyes. It’s risky.”

–Brian Brooks in conversation with Christine Jowers of The Dance Enthusiast



Things I look forward to when Brian Brooks Moving Company unloads on the Gotham Dance Festival at the Joyce Theater tonight, tomorrow and Friday:


1. 1000lbs of steel=kinetic sculpture and a promise of an epic mix of metal and flesh. (Installation design by Brooks and Philip Trevino)

Photo By David Bazemore


2. Fearless dancers. Plus the celebration of Jo-ann Lee who has been with BBMC for ten years!


jo-anne lee by kevin yatarola


3. An original score by Jonathan Pratt including a “prepared” piano.



4. Hope for the future as this “dynamic floor-to-ceiling installation is raised in real time before the audience’s eyes, memorializing the inevitable reconstruction that follows loss.”

Click here for tix to the show and here for tickets to tonight’s opening celebration!

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