Bunheads, Episode 2 — Watch it tonight!

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Bunheads will air for the second time on ABCFamily tonight. On the last episode the main character, Michelle (Sutton Foster), became disillusioned with her career as a professional dancer and wound up entering a major transition, via her shotgun wedding and the road trip to that followed. Fortunately for the viewing audience, her new husband dies at the end of the episode – so we will not have to experience the intended awkwardness of their relationship any longer – whew!!

Sutton Foster as a Vegas Showgirl

The ballet characters are predictable; hopefully they will develop as the season progresses. My fingers are crossed that Michelle’s transition proves to be interesting as well. So far, I like her relationship with her feisty mother-in-law, Fanny, but I can’t decide whether I will love it or hate it if she discovers she’s pregnant from the single time she and the belated had relations–but I’m definitely getting ahead of myself!

Tonight’s episode will revolve around the response to the tragedy and loss created by death in the tiny town of Paradise, and will apparently contain some very pretty dancing. I will be watching and tweeting. Follow me and join the conversation: @kristinstorey @diydancer #Bunheads

Preview the next episode here:


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  • stephanie

    This show surprises me more and more with each episode. I want to hate it, I really do! With a title like “Bunheads,” it just sounds like a big ball of cheese. But, Amy Sherman-Palladino is a damn clever writer and I can’t help but enjoy Michelle’s (played by the brilliant Sutton Foster) witty one-liners and Fanny’s (I adore Emily Bishop) Emily-Gilmore-esque demeanor. It’s a total throwback to Gilmore Girls–almost too much so–and the zany inhabitants of Paradise make me laugh out loud at times. I was, and still am, a huge Gilmore Girls fan–a fast-talking, bizarre show that made viewers use their brains to catch all of Palladino’s references to pop culture, literature, history, and even politics. She’s pulling out this same bag of tricks for Bunheads

    There are plenty of cheesy ballet cliches, but Monday night’s episode had a redeeming moment in which Palladino shows how powerful dance can be. I thought the student piece at Hubbel’s memorial was well choreographed and showed off the talents of these young dancers. It was the perfect way to pay tribute to Fanny’s son and help her heal a broken heart.

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m intrigued and will probably keep watching to see how Palladino develops her characters, which I think is the essence of the show rather than a focus on ballet.

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