Dd Dancer Transition: From Manhattan to Denver

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As dancers, we tend to live like gypsies, flitting from one city to the next for a new company position. Yet the knowledge that nothing is forever in the dance profession doesn’t make transitions any easier. After two and a half years in Manhattan, I find myself transitioning yet again; this time to Denver, CO.

A view of the Denver skyline as I head home after a full day of rehearsals.

The Western city is a huge contrast from my New York City lifestyle. But I’m beginning to adjust to the slower pace, the full days of dancing, the time difference, the style of the company, and the high altitude. While transitions are tricky to navigate, I’m so thankful for this one. The fresh mountain air is invigorating, re-energizing my love for this crazy art form and zeal for new adventures to come. Here’s a glimpse at what I’m up to.

In collaboration with the Denver-based band Paper Birds, Ballet Nouveau Colorado presents an original full-evening work at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on Friday, September 7.

Carry On

Click here for tickets and more information.

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  • candice

    I wish I could see this. Merde!

  • Annie Coggan

    Looks like some great storytelling going on-lovely.

  • stephanie

    I think the both of you would really enjoy the show. I can’t believe we perform a week from Friday. I’ll have plenty of Colorado stories to share with Dd.

  • Chelsea

    That’s the same street I take to get home! Glad to know you made it to Denver safely, wish I could be there on Friday, but can’t make it. Hope to make it to another one.

    • stephanie

      : ) I’m loving Colorado and BNC! Hope you can make it on Friday. But if you can’t we should meet up soon for coffee or something. Are you in Denver still or Boulder?

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