Sandy continues to impact Brooklyn artists

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It’s been a month since Sandy tore through the East Coast, leaving massive damage and destruction in her wake. One of the communities greatly affected by the storm was the Brooklyn artist haven of Red Hook. My cousin, Marsha Trattner, who is an exceptional metal artist and welder, is still dealing with the after effects of the storm.

Prior to the storm, Marsha had moved her all of her equipment to a new, beautiful space in Red Hook. This space gave her the ability to expand her art as well as her class offerings. But, Sandy brought on nearly 6 feet of water, destroying much of her supplies, equipment, and projects. What could be salvaged will require extensive cleaning and repair.

But these Red Hook artists aren’t allowing Sandy to get the better of them. They are creating means to move forward through special workshops and fundraising efforts, demonstrating the strength and perseverance of the local community.

Get involved!

This weekend, attend a metal welding workshop and help support Red Hook’s artists. Master Blacksmith Charles Cooper from San Antonio is on-hand for these gift-giving inspired workshops.

Dec 1 Sat 2pm- 5pm  Knife-making Workshop- for all levels
Dec 2 Sun 11am- 2pm Beginner Welding/Forging Workshop: Holiday Gifts
Dec 2 Sun 3pm- 6pm  Beginner Blacksmithing Workshop: Holiday Gifts

$100/ workshop.  Day price is $190.  Advance registration suggested.  Space is limited.
At She-Weld, 106 Ferris Street, entrance on Van Dyke Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 11231.
Call 917-482-4721 or email to register or for further information.

You can also volunteer in the clean up process or donate to the Red Hook Initiative. Additionally, my cousin is working with Lucky Ant on a fundraising campaign–more information to come soon.

And, with the holidays approaching, you can easily support a Red Hook artist and get your loved ones unique gifts. My cousin’s studio is called She-Weld and she is offering a special holiday discount. There are also many other talented and wonderful artists in the area, who might be offering similar deals

Housing needs

Additionally, Marsha’s apartment acquired 4 feet of water from the storm. And she’s not alone. Many Red Hook artists are without housing. If you know of any temporary or long-term housing available, please email the information to

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