DISPATCH #3: Pocket Advocacy @Dance/NYC ‘s #dancesymp (osium)

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DISPATCH #3: In the Turn Up the Volume: Become a Dance Advocate panel, the Dance/NYC Junior Committee expressed a hope for members of the dance community to begin building relationships with their elected officials through a Cycle of Advocacy they created and presented, stemming from these questions:

What value does dance create?

How can you measure the value or capture the impact of dance?

Who is affected by the value dance creates?

What channels communicate the value of dance to the community?

How often are those channels used to communicate?

Facts on Dance/USA’s Pocket Advocacy Guide.


Plus, how can you build a relationship with your elected officials if you do not know who they are? This is the most important first step before advocating for your rights and issues of concern. You can find out who they are and what important committees they sit on here.

What issue (concerning artists or the dance community specifically) do you think is most in need of advocacy right now?

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